Nutech Paint

  • We are a distributor of Nutech range of products: 

Nutech have 40 years of experience in developing exceptional solutions across any surface you may encounter.

Nutech Paint's – Roof Coatings Range

Nutech's topcoat range consists of the following:

  • NXT Cool Zone
  • TileFlex
  • NuFlex

While preparation and surface primers comprises:

  • SupaPrime
  • Master Sealer
  • General Purpose Primer
  • Anti-Corrosion Metal Primer
  • NuPrime
  • Maxi Point

Concrete Coatings & Sealers Range

Nutech Paint PaveCoat® range consists of the following:

  • PaveCoat Clear
  • PaveCoat Colours
  • PaveCoat Cure & Seal
  • PaveCoat H20
  • PaveCoat Petrol Resistant.

Additionally Nutech have a range of decorative concrete surface sealers comprising:

  • Agreseal Concrete Sealer
  • SO 2000 spray-on stencil sealer.

Nu EcoSafe Strip

Non-Hazardous, Biodegradable, Water-based range of user and environment conscious preparation solutions.

The Nu EcoSafe Strip range was developed to be both more sympathetic to the environment and also safer for contractors and professional painters to use without exposure to harsh chemicals.

The Nu EcoSafe range is complemented by additional products that use fresh environmental chemical processes and compounds to provide effective and safer alternatives to many of the chemicals you have previously used for surface preparation. Equally as effective and price and time comparative the Nu EcoSafe Strip range of compounds assist you with your surface preparation requirements as you prepare to create the perfect finish.

Nu EcoSafe Strip range consists of:

  • Industrial Sacrificial Stripper
  • High Performance Stripper
  • Architectural Paint Stripper
  • Graffiti Remover
  • Concrete Etch
  • Rust Converter & Inhibitor
  • Industrial High Strength Degreaser
  • OrgoClean Lichen Remover
  • Paint Brush Restorer
  • EcoZorb.

EPiC – Engineered for Performance Industrial Coatings

Integrated Industrial and Commercial coating system for a variety of surface profiles including steel, concrete, masonry and timber.

EPiC is Nutech Paint's premium Engineered for Performance Industrial Coatings range. Developed as a comprehensive range of durable, reliable and functional primers and topcoats which suit a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

The EPiC range of industrial coatings is developed to meet the demands of industrial and commercial painters. Nutech has consolidated the EPiC range by interlinking the multiple primer and topcoat systems to seamlessly integrate and create a system that functions for multiple surfaces and coating requirements.